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Are human resources strategically important to your business? - Do you use an unnecessary amount of time searching and processing information related to the daily tasks? - Do you want a better view and greater efficiency? ...


Read more about HRMEasy, one of the most flexible and user-friendly "Best of breed" HR-systems. With HRMEasy you can save time and administrative resources .. while getting an unprecedented overview of your company's most valuable resource - your employees!

Is your company ready for a new HR-system ?


HRMEasy includes functionality for:


• Effective staff management 

• HR activities / staff interviews 

• Competence measurement 

• Recruitment & candidate handling 

• Strategy & objectives 

• Statistics & Analysis


User-friendly and visual design

Imagine that you in a simple and intuitive interface, can get a great overview, save time, plan, optimize ... and maintain and strengthen employee resources in your business.


HRMEasy's smart and time-saving functions can be executed via Web browser, Tablets, Smartphones, and/or integrated into Microsoft Outlook or IBM Notes, making implementation in even larger companies and organizations straightforward.

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Quick and easy adaptation to your business needs

HRMEasy can in the standard version cover a large part of most companies' needs, but to meet existing workflows rather than employees to adapt to the system, HRMEasy can be updated regularly so that it corresponds exactly to your business needs.


High security and easy access

HRMEasy offers highest data security. The communication between server and client is encrypted with 2048-bit keys for key exchange, signing and user authentication and 128-bit keys for bulk data encryption. The system also supports 2048-bit user keys, which works on Public / Private key principle.


HRMEasy includes as standard an automatically generated access hierarchy. Employees have access only to their own data, managers only for their employees' data and HR Administrators have access to all data across the organization. Special access to particularly sensitive data, such as payroll and document data can easily be configured to meet individual needs.


Integration makes your business independent

HRMEasy is integrated with MS Office, Word, Excel, Outlook. HRMEasy includes integration tools for the company's administrative systems, for example. SAP, Axapta, Navision & Payroll systems.


Future-proof platform and manageability

HRMEasy runs on both IBM Domino and Microsoft platforms. In Microsoft environments HRMEasy runs as an integrated part of the server (service), and with the possibility of integration with Microsoft AD (both via login and single sign-on), the user administration is centralized.


competitive price

HRMEasy is modular and suitable for large, medium and small business budgets. HRMEasy can be delivered as a hosted solution - or on your company's own servers.